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How talented are the teams (the selected squad for this game)
Injuries, suspensions, high=no problems (also is it key players or not?)
Mental form: positive/negative, effect of latest events, feel things going their way or not, self-confidence
Drive, motivation, hungry, fighting spirit, owes the home crowd, owe themselves, team energy
What will a win gain the team? table/money/advancement/cup/top/avoiding relegation
How challenging have the last 3 games been? (quality in last 3 opponents)
How well have the team performed in the last 3 games?>
Number of goals scored in the last 3 games 0=1, 1-2=2, 3=3, 4-5=4, 6+=5
Number of goals conceded in the last 3 games 6+=1, 4-5=2, 3=3, 1-2=4, 0=5
Other (see "Tips")
Suspicion of corruption, yes it's sad but true (high is no corruption)
Rate the advantage of playing at home 1=no crowd, 5=huge positive crowd
How many goals are scored in average for this league/tournament (high=many)

  • Which mindset/tactic/starting line-up are the teams having for this game? Defensive, offensive, not a priority game, another day at the office etc.
  • What type of teams are these. Unstable, stable, boring, attacking type, top team, good as underdogs etc.
  • How does the teams usually/recently/statistically perform against other teams of this "type" (position/style etc.).
  • Are there any special circumstances for this game? E.g. local clash, rivalry, both teams will benefit from a draw etc.
  • Pressure and how the teams cope with this. Adjust "Mental" and/or "Other" with either positive or negative values.
  • Does the starting line-up have new players that might not have been adjusted to team/tactics yet?
  • Where is the team's mental focus (might be upcoming games way more important, avoiding injuries, preserve energy).
  • Are there special circumstances regarding the team? E.G. New manager, bad press, economy, scandals etc.
  • Check the average home crowd for this type of game and have this in mind when setting the "home" survey.
  • Look for patterns in a teams performance. For example some teams kind of perform like a sinus curve.
  • Where is the current season? For example start of a season some teams are more nervous/random, end season some teams are "safe/unmotivated".
  • What are the chances that the team gets a red card, considering the starting line-up, type of game and opponents.
  • Bookmakers should not be underrated. They base their odds on analyse, research, statistics and probability.
  • How much randomness does the game league/tournament have?
  • Consider game pitch (mud pool, uneven, artificial). Consider weather (rain, snow, temperature).
  • Anything special regarding the referee(s)?
  • Which bet seem best for this game? Win/lose/draw, number of goals, timing bets, asian, statistics, events.
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